Golpo - Ebook
The birth of an Idea - Sculpture
Warm Memories - Painting
Pavel's Story - Comic
Google Doodle
Vice Video - How a city works (Mumbai)
Pesky pets - Sculpture
Instagram Reels - Launch Commission
Ambedkar Biography - Comic
Why Do Sunflowers Love the Sun? - Picture Book
Speaking in Tongues - Sculpture
Layers of meaning - Original Art
Tranquillity amidst Judgement - Print
Sad Vacant Look
Reebok x Debangshu Moulik
Snapchat x Debangshu Moulik
WeWork x Debangshu Moulik
Pursuit of Growth - Original Art
We're always on our phones - Story
Vice x Debangshu Moulik
Vans x Debangshu Moulik
Helpless - Original Art
Confusion - Original Art
Dusty Daze
A creators solitude - Painting
Mediocrity - Original Art
Taking a break from time - Painting
Instagram x Debangshu Moulik
St+art India Zine (Sasoon Docks)
Let your eyes prophesize - Painting
Verve Artwork
Fake Smiles
Makes Sense - Zine
Watched by screens
It's all just a glitch in my brain
Noor Inayat Khan - Comic
Mumbai Music Week
Current Conservation Artworks
Sugarcane Juice
Visual Explorations
Studio days
Jellyfish illustrations
Self Portrait
Swimming Pools - Painting
Thinking in textures - Painting
Attraction - Tote
Brain Scatter
Sofar Poster
Jellyfish Magazine
Old T-shirt (Zine)
Calarts course
Cover Illustration
Editorial Illustration - Jellyfish Magazine
A good laugh
Chitrakatha (Introduction comic)
Inktober drawings
Life Drawing + character designs
Birthday zine
Editorial Illustrations
Forex prints
Menu Card Design
Jellyfish Magazine illustrations
Bakarmax comic collaboration.
Event Posters
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