These works were created during a 15-day artist residency at North Centre for Learning in Himachal Pradesh, India. The residency was followed by an exhibition displaying these works to the local people in Naggar, a small town where the centre is located.
Most of the pieces are inspired by the carvings on temples and stories of the region. They are a meditation on the effects of tourism and rapid urbanization in Himachal Pradesh and their impact on the local population and land.
All of the artworks are created using materials available locally, which can be reused.
This was painted on a 100-year-old pot and placed on a potter's wheel. It kept spinning during the exhibition displaying the narrative as it rotated.  
Some of the carvings on the nearby temples date back to the 12th century. I used some of these symbols in my artworks in order to represent a dialogue between the past and the present. 
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